I recently bought an Astral pendant from the Martina Hamilton collection as a gift and it was a great success! Quality craftsmanship and beautiful design! ...

Carolin Collins

This must be one of the best Irish gift shops in the country featuring wonderful design and craftsmanship. It has a huge range of quality items which would make such lovely gifts or special presentation pieces. A delightful place to explore with the added advantage of knowledgeable staff. 5 November 2015 ...

Rhóda Uí Chonaire

Beautiful, impeccably made jewellery - Martina and her team are always a joy to do business with. This is how Irish jewellery should be done, staying true to culture and Ireland's craft tradition, but with a classy, contemporary edge. ...

Siofra Curtin
Via Facebook

I recently bought a rather expensive pair of earrings here. Then lost one of them the first time I wore them. The Cat and The Moon willingly sourced ONE replacement earring. Fabulous customer service! ...

Teresa Brennan
Via Face Book

Thank you so much for a warm welcome and attentive customer service. I love the jewellery! ...

Alexandra Boschen
Via Facebook

I discovered this wonderful shop when I purchased jewellery from them through an American based website. Since then I shopped on the shop's own website on multiple occasions and have always been happy. I am particularly happy with the promotion of Irish design and my wife particularly loves Martina Hamilton's own creations. As an Irishman who emigrated to ......

Michael Hynes (Via Google Business)

Top sellers

Irish Jewellery 

  • Alan Ardiff
    Alan Ardiff

    Beautifully Handcrafted Irish Silver from Master Goldsmith Alan Ardiff 

    Alan creates his jewellery from a combination of gold and silver, with a number of the jewellery pieces incorporating kinetic parts; birds swing, stones rock and hearts roll!

    He likes to work in a number of art media, bronze, etching, print, painting and wearable art pieces.

  • Enibas

    Croi Ailainn / Beautiful Heart Signature Collection from Enibas Jewellery

    Sabine Lenz began creating beautiful handmade Irish jewellery under her brand name Enibas,  in a small studio in her adopted home, the picturesque village of Schull in County Cork in 1993. She is among the vanguard of Ireland's leading contemporary jewellery designers with bespoke collections in sterling silver and gold inspired by the Irish Language, Irish people and the cultural heritage that surrounds her in Cork. The Cat and The Moon is delighted to bring you a selection of pieces from the Enibas "Crio Alainn" collection. Crio Alainn is Irish means "beautiful heart".

  • Juvi Contemporary Irish Jewellery Design
    Juvi Contemporary Irish Jewellery Design

    Precious Metal - Perfect Gemstones - Stunning Jewellery Design 

    Inspired by the warmth and vibrancy of natural elements, award winning jewellery designers, Juvi Designs, source the most beautiful gemstones from around the World and transform them into stunning pieces of jewellery at their studio in Dublin.

  • Paul Coyne Jewellery
    Paul Coyne Jewellery

    Paul Coyne: Contemporary Irish Jewellery of style and distinction

    The jewellery creations of Paul Coyne combine materials such as wood and resin with hallmarked precious metals to create items of jewellery that have an utterly unique contemporary style. 

  • Maureen Lynch
    Maureen Lynch

    Stunning Elegance and Simplicity. The Jewellery Collections of Maureen Lybnch

    Maureen Lynchs' jewellery collections are imbued with contemporary elegance. Her collections of distinctively rounded, concave pieces beg to be touched and worn. She curves a simple disc shape in 3-dimensional form, adding interest through sloping sides and secluded detailing. Each piece is solid, smooth and pleasurable to touch.

  • Seamus Gill Irish Jewellery Design
    Seamus Gill Irish Jewellery Design

    Seamus Gill Contemporary Irish Jewellery

    One of Ireilands finest silversmiths Seamus Gill uses flat shards of silver which are hammered into opposing curves.  His collections have  a wonderful depth and dimension, augmented in many cases by sumptuous yellow gold plating.

    Seamus Gill jewellery comes in a beautiful silver embossed gift packaging.

  • Martina Hamilton
    Martina Hamilton

    Martina Hamilton Jewellery Design 

    Beautiful collections of contemporary Irish jewellery in hallmarked sterling silver and gold from the in-house studio of The Cat and The Moon founder Martina Hamilton.

  • Spirit of Ireland
    Spirit of Ireland

    Stunning Jewellery Collections inspired by Ireland ancient symbols

    Irish history is repelete with complelling motifs. Designed by Martina Hamilton, Spirit of Ireland collections in hallmarked sterling silver and gold, are inspired by Irelands earliest pre-celtic history dating back over 6000 years, through to the arrival of Christianity and its haunting symbolism.  The Spirit Of Ireland collection of jewellery is forged out of that wealth of cultural symbolism. Inspiration flows to us from megalithic carvings at sites such as Newgrange, Knowth Dowth and Loughcrew and through the monastic Christian imagery of the first millenium, informing the exquisite craftsmanship of our modern studio goldsmiths at The Cat and the Moon Sligo..

  • The Cat & the Moon
    The Cat & the Moon

    The Cat And The Moon goldsmiths have designed and handmade award winning jewellery collections inspired by Irelands heritage and landscape since 1988. The inspiration for a particular collection might come from a wild Irish flower, from a megalithic stone carving or just as easily from a moment of light on an isolated strand on Irelands western seaboard. Each jewellery collection offers a full range of earrings, rings, brooches and pendants, cufflinks and tiepins. 

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