I recently bought an Astral pendant from the Martina Hamilton collection as a gift and it was a great success! Quality craftsmanship and beautiful design! ...

Carolin Collins

This must be one of the best Irish gift shops in the country featuring wonderful design and craftsmanship. It has a huge range of quality items which would make such lovely gifts or special presentation pieces. A delightful place to explore with the added advantage of knowledgeable staff. 5 November 2015 ...

Rhóda Uí Chonaire

Beautiful, impeccably made jewellery - Martina and her team are always a joy to do business with. This is how Irish jewellery should be done, staying true to culture and Ireland's craft tradition, but with a classy, contemporary edge. ...

Siofra Curtin
Via Facebook

I recently bought a rather expensive pair of earrings here. Then lost one of them the first time I wore them. The Cat and The Moon willingly sourced ONE replacement earring. Fabulous customer service! ...

Teresa Brennan
Via Face Book

Thank you so much for a warm welcome and attentive customer service. I love the jewellery! ...

Alexandra Boschen
Via Facebook

I discovered this wonderful shop when I purchased jewellery from them through an American based website. Since then I shopped on the shop's own website on multiple occasions and have always been happy. I am particularly happy with the promotion of Irish design and my wife particularly loves Martina Hamilton's own creations. As an Irishman who emigrated to ......

Michael Hynes (Via Google Business)

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Glenn Lucas Woodturner

Glen Lucas Irish Wood Turner.

Glen Lucas is one of the leading Irish craft wood turners. 

"I make my pieces from native Irish hardwood sourced locally. Each piece is dried slowly in a kiln to ensure that it is suitable for use in the home. This process takes up to eight weeks. It is then hand turned on a lathe to produce the purest of form. Finished with natural oils to protect the wood this also maintains the richness of the grain." 

"Pure curves appear everywhere in nature. From the roundness of a full moon to the flowing curve of an onion bulb. I select shapes from this rich source. I add precision and crispness." "Balancing nature-inspired shapes with man’s technical precision is at the core of my work. Colour and grain of Irish woods are chosen carefully to complement the design of the piece." 

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