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Lynsey De Burca

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Lyndsey De Burca Jewellery

Lyndsey De Burca, a jewellery designer and creator who resides in the foothills of Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

As a child Lyndsey De Burca was brought on living in Kinvara close to a pier which she played at as a child with fishing nets, lobster pots, crab cages and boat chains. Throughout her life and her work, Lyndsey has utilised her childhood memories and incorporates these images making them the basis of her inspiration for her work today, many a harbour along the Wild Atlantic Way are the foundation of her designs to which Lyndsey De Burca will add intriguing dimensions to pieces with the use of gemstones which she sources.

In addition to this Lyndsey often uses her home surrounding for inspiration and this is evident in her sterling silver jewellery with pieces named after places such as Doorus or The Hill of Doon. Forged by hand each offering from the Lyndsey De Burca Sterling Silver jewellery collection is created using old craft techniques. Continuing the Lyndsey De Burca range of contemporary Sterling Silver Jewellery which are stocked at The Cat and The Moon in Sligo, in the West of Ireland,  are some of Lyndsey De Burca’s favourite pieces in link pendants and full chain necklaces which incorporate her contemporary approach to jewellery design.

In the Lyndsey De Burca range a number of techniques are used to create the sterling silver collections, the roller mill texturing technique allows the patterns which form the design of the piece to become embossed on the silver itself by placing the impression between two sheets of metal and rolling it through the roller mill. An organic contemporary sterling silver jewellery collection with a unique fingerprint, each one different. On the outer edge of the pieces is an untouched raw texture, with the contrasting highly polished finished front. Lyndsey’s work reflects the rough texture of the rocks along the coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way against the silver tides of the ocean of the same.

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