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Meab Enamels

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Meab Enamel Jewellery

Meab Enamel Jewellery is a 100% Irish handcrafted costume jewellery business. Starting well over five decades ago, a keen traveller Meab began travelling around Europe and whilst on her travels became inspired by legendary enamel artist Faberge. On her journey, Meab came across any number of craftworkers and artists which led her to start her own enamel jewellery business which is known today as Meab Enamels.

Meab has developed a unique technique known as ‘open firing’. This technique utilises waste copper water cylinders and is design piece is unique to the wearer, no two are the same. Over the decades Meab enamels has become a family business and Meab is supported by her daughter Clair whom she works together with in their studio work shop in Multyfarnham in the midlands of Ireland. The Costume Jewellery Range  is stocked at The Cat and The Moon in Sligo stud earrings, drop earrings, pendants and brooches available. The colour ranges are wide from blue, green, red, pink, grey and orange to name a few, and in true Meab Enamel style each piece contains a unique bold and vivid swirl of colour.  You may even see an eye in the jewellery pieces, in Irish legend this is said to reflect the spirit of those who look upon it.

If you are looking for a unique piece of handcrafted jewellery Meab Enamels is a great gift choice for a birthday. In addition, at The Cat and The Moon in Sligo, the Meab Enamels range of silk scarves is also available to purchase. The distinctive bright swirl of colours which is unique to Meab Enamels is evident in these 100% silk pieces. The colours are created by melting glass enamel onto copper resulting in unique scarves to brighten any outfit and a top choice of gift for a birthday. Each gift from Meab Enamels in presented in its own gift box.

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