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Moon Shell | Sterling Silver Pendant with 22ct Gold Plating | Small | Martina Hamilton

About this piece

Poignant images Saturn's moons in transiting the impossibly large disc of their host planet, the poetry of W B Yeats, a scattering of white shells on a beach,  have been combined in this Moon Shell Pendant. As there is such beauty in simplicity, I have retained a basic simplicity in this piece.

A 1.5 cm circle of domed silver is impressed with .75 cm hollow of mirror finished 22 carat hand plate gold. For such a contained item the oppositional doming gives this piece a wonderful eye catching dynamism. The gentle curve of sterling silver snake chain adds an almost torc like elegance, or an unending orbital thread of completion. 

1.5 cm sterling silver disc. 22 carat gold plating. Sterling Silver Snake Chain 45.7 cm

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