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Nebula Circle Earring | Open Crescent Stud | Martina Hamilton

About this piece

Nebula Circle Earrings | Open Crescent Stud Earrings

Open crescent circles of beautiful hallmarked sterling silver are carried on sterling silver stud wires.

Our Nebula collection is a meditation on cycles of nature, from incredible forces that create a star or a world, that forged the raw silver from which these beautiful earrings have been created, to the most random and minute of forces, that will see an Atlantic Ocean mist condense into a rivulet on a hazel wood twig. How the cycle of our lives can be entwined and enriched with loved ones and friendships we gather around us is deeply encapsulated in this simple beautiful collection.

3.5cm Diameter Earrings. Hallmarked sterling silver earrings, ear-wire & scrolls.

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