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Nebula Circle Pendant | Martina Hamilton

About this piece

Nebula Circle Pendant on 2 Bell Chain in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

A cloud of luminous dust in the cosmos, a stellar nursery, condensing into new stars and then into new planets, new life, new hope. Millions and millions of years later, on one of those insignificant planets, nebulous clouds of wild Atlantic ocean mist condense into jewels of moisture on twigs of a hazel tree.
Our Nebula collection is a meditation on cycles of nature, from the greatest forces that create a star or a world, to the most insignificant and random that will see traces of Atlantic Ocean mist condensing on a twig.
The piece features an open circle of beautiful hallmarked sterling silver, threaded freely on an elegant sterling silver trace chain. The circle is entwined with a continuous rivulet of binding silver.

2.8cm Diameter charm. 46cm 2 bell chain. Hallmarked sterling silver chain and piece

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