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Old Rose Small Mug | Nicholas Mosse

About this piece

Nicholas Mosse Handcrafted pottery is an icon of Irish craft. A beautiful collection of practical and useful pottery, handmade in Kilkenny, Ireland. At The Cat and the Moon we love the Old Rose pattern, it is attractive, homely and a gorgeous addition to any kitchen table or dresser. This is the small mug, perfect for a short coffee, it is solid and sturdy, and very pretty. 7.5cm diameter and 7.5cm tall.

Nicholas Mosse Pottery was established by Nicholas Mosse in 1976 after periods of training in England and Japan. His mission was to produce beautiful, functional pottery in the style of Irish Spongeware. Irish spongeware was the traditional pottery of Ireland used in the 18th Century. It was mainly made in simple honest shapes with a decoration applied with a cut sponge.



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