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Seashore | Sterling Silver Pendant | Large | Martina Hamilton

About this piece

Randomness of nature is at play in this statement neck piece designed by Goldsmith Martina Hamilton.

Every moment of experience we have in life differs from the moment that precedes it. Nowhere is that more strikingly borne out, than walking along a few miles of a North Sligo beach. You have very simple lines at play, the horizon, the edge of the tide, striations on the sand,  the line of the coast, the cloud line. The endless changing interplay of these lines, free from construct and clutter is a gift.

With the seashore collection I emulate those moments by the shore. I have a simple curve at the top, random wave like form beneath, textured striations to break up and re-release light much like morning light on the sea.     

Hallmarked Sterling Silver 7.5 cm neck piece / 2 cm at widest.

Sterling Silver 3 Bell Chain (17.5 cm each side) 

Total Length Piece + Chain 43cm

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