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Ogham | Sterling Silver Slainte Bracelet | Large | The Cat & The Moon

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About this piece

Ogham writing is an ancient Celtic language. It was  often found carved into standing stones which declared an area belonging to a tribe, chieftan or family. Each of the dashes or combination of dashes form letters. Martina Hamilton has designed this range of beautiful heritage jewellery with messages in Ogham etched into each piece.

This hallmarked sterling silver Ogham Bracelet is carved with the message ‘Sláinte’ translated into Ogham. Sláinte is the Irish greeting and blessing meaning good health. It makes a wonderfully symbolic and positive gift. The size and design is suitable for both men and women. The length of the universal bracelet is made at a standard 7.5 inch which can be fastened to suit any wrist size. 

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